Hauling In More Happy Sticker/Sticky!

Dear all,

how was your Monday? I hope you did not just have a Monday blue! For me, my day was wonderful because I added more colours to be with the blue which makes my day a colourful day! Do not let your start of the week be spoilt or else you might have to suffer because blue is angry and sulky coz it's alone! Make sure you add in more colour to you life like what I did!

Rainbow Panda

Do you like the colourful me? I'm sure you did!

So all you have to do to be smiling like me is not to forget all other colours and only bring blues into you Monday! If you still are not cheering up, I've got a news to tell! Come closer and I will whisper to your ear!

*Pst! I'm bringing in more sticker and this time, there will be some awesome sticky notes too! Here's a glimpse!

005: Paris's Romantic Sticky Note

So, what say you? I've fallen in love with these paris, romance theme sticky notes when I first saw them! <3 They are definitely going to make my notes more visible to all the eyes around I'm sure! Even those who the notes are not meant for will take a peek at it I'm sure! It is definitely going to make my short msges or reminder notes to my loved one more interesting and lovely! I'm sure I can make them smile with this too! I can't wait to start using them already! What do you think? Do you like them?

Tell me what else you would like so that we can all share and bring rainbows to our life! Let's decorate our dull belongings, room, home, office and anywhere at all! Drop me a comment, post a sticky at my cbox or simply just email me @ ef.ae@hotmail.com !

I <3 the colours they bring to my life and I want yours to be as colourful and joyous as mine too! Love ya'll! Huggies!



  1. Cantik! Its good to have a colourful day everyday.

    1. Yup! I love these colourful sticky stuff! It just makes my life much more livelier and happier~

  2. I like it... it seems very neat n tidy.. like... everything separated nicely. Ease on the eyes. nice to read ;)



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