The beginning of the sticker fetish...

It is every young girl's dream to have the most enviable sticker collection in school. Some would keep their precious collection nicely lined up in their sticker album while some would decorate their belongings with their stickers of cute bear/popping apple pie/glittering name and the list goes on. Personally, I used to stick them on my scrapbooks, my classic facebook (where classmates would write their details on each other's book so that we would still be able to keep in touch and reminisce about the silly good 'ol times in school!), on letters and cards I would send to my friends!

Sticker Book

I was on the net browsing the other day when I stumble across some pretty eye-catching stickers! They were so attractive that I want to immediately buy them all and get them courier expressed to my house! Very unfortunately, they would only be sold in bulks! *sulks* 

So, I thought, why not share them with all the sticker fetish people around the world! This idea encouraged me to start up this blog and hopefully (with fingers crossed), sticker fetish people like me get to buy them as little or as much as they want!

I have carefully hand-picked some choices for a start-up and I hope you guys will like it! I am now in the midst of setting up everything, and here are some sneak peak of some items for launching!

001: Holly's Fabric Print Sticker

002: Tinki's Vintage Stamp Sticker

003: Cooky's Helloday Sticker

Keep watching this space! Launching is just around the corner! If you have any enquiries, please contact me @!



  1. which one? those on the blog? Yup. It's the begeinning, but there will be more ;)



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