The Cikgu Suet Fund

Dear all,

The awareness of improving our country to be much better for our future generation has been going high recently. But, have you done anything to assist or be apart of this revolution? Actions always speak louder than words. Stop listening, reading and just talking about it! Do something to make change for a better future!

Have anyone of you heard about Teach for Malaysia? Actually if you asked me about this sometime back, I would have a question mark above my head; What is this Teach for Malaysia? Teach for Malaysia is actually an independent, non-profit organization that is enlisting Malaysia's most promising future leaders in their mission to end education inequity. I only got to know about this because I have been following blogger SweatLee for quite sometime. She is one of the hopeful young Malaysian who have took up the challenge to help address the problem of education inequality in rural areas of Malaysia. 

Cikgu Suet

Few days ago, I went to Sweatlee's website to check if there's any update about her teaching life in @ SMK Teriang Hilir which is situated in Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan. She had a new blog entry, The Cikgu Suet Fund! It is a very meaningful entry as she suggested ways we could help to improve the education facility, environment and even ways to motivate her students to improve in their studies! I like the idea very much! It really shows how passionate and how much effort she is putting in to assist these students!

If you would like to understand or know more, please click the links below;
Some of us have other priorities in life and are not as courageous as SweatLee but that does not mean we cannot chip in anything to assist! With this entry I hope more people will ACT and at least be apart of this Cikgu Suet Fund Drive

I have join in the bandwagon and chip in some stickies and cute paperclip bookmarks to make them kids happy! I hope it helps although it is just a tiny gesture! *shy* (sorry, all my kid stuff has already been given to my younger cousins)

Item Code: UFMT-0003

Take a step, make a change!

P/S: Update

Parcel has been sent to:
The Cikgu Suet Fund
SMK Teriang Hilir.
Simpang Durian, Jelebu,
72400 Negeri Sembilan.

Tracking No. RD999242588MY for Pos Daftar @ Pos Malaysia

Cikgu Suet Fund

I would advice all of your to register your parcel, so that it doesn't get lost. It only cost RM 2.20 to register your parcel for local postage ;)



  1. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

    1. hope you have a nice day too! and help charity more often ;)

  2.'s creative and amazing idea...

  3. so creative. I think it is inspiring people

  4. That is actually a great and very noble thing to do and I really admire both Suet Lee and your effort! The paperclips are really cute and meaningful especially with the details of 'hope' on it! I know it'll help the kids in a way of not being afraid to dream bigger and any sorts. Definitely something I should consider when I head back home! :)

  5.  I'm glad it actually motivates you to think this way ;) It doesn't actually have to be this fund. You can assist in any other which you feel comfortable with ;)

  6.  hope you have a nice day too! and help charity more often ;)

  7. we have Teach for America here : ) really good program

  8.  Yup! Teach  for Malaysia just started sometime ago.. America probably had it first ;)

  9. What a very unselfish gesture for the future of underprivelege childrens. I hope more will follow suit

  10. that stuff so pretty and cute.. :)
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  12. wow!!
    so creative...
    i like it..

  13.  Thank you mie ;)

  14.  Thanks for your comment ^^

  15.  Yes. I hope so ^^



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