2012 : May Stock Sneak Peak!

Dear all,

are you guys excited about the weekend? I am! I really am! Ask me why! Ask me why, quickly! Alright, alright! I'll tell the great news! New sticky stocks are on their way for the month of May! Want to know what's coming in?! I know you guys are excited too right now! So without further delay, let me give you a sneak peak of the incoming stocks other than the incoming romantic sticky notes I talked about earlier on!

Hurry, scroll down and have a look!

 More Fabric Print Sticker! This one comes in a brown paperbag like refill pack! Go green for the world! or do you prefer to have the metal case? Oh, did I mention that this will be RM 2 cheaper? Hip hip hooray for your wallet/purse! ;D


 Merry go Round The Circle Fun Colour Sticker! 

I'm really interested on this new sticker! Extremely loving the patterns and colour combination! Also helps is the fact that it is a little transparent! Really excited about this one!

 Puffy Chicky Sticker!

  Puffy Wabbit Sticker!

Puffy Cute Pets Sticker!

Puffy stickers for the world! Have been meaning to get these for sometime! These animals are just too cute for me to abandon! Chicky, Wabbit and cute pets! So many adorable animal, you can actually have a farm! Like what one of sticky visitor did! This is what he said, 

"When I was very young I loved to collect stickers and back then my parents didn't know about sticker books... so instead they allowed me to "decorate" a particular pillar in our house!!! I remember I made an elaborate scene with all my stickers... of trees and animals, and insects and birds.... and bits and pieces with power rangers and other cartoon characters!!!" 

Aww... I'm sure he's a very imaginative kid back then! What's your story with stickers? Share them here if you have any. I'd love to hear them and I'm sure a lot of people do too!

Felt Cuddly Panda Sticker!

Oh look! I've got one more animal! Who doesn't love these cute pandas?!?! If you say NO! to panda, you are gonna get it from Mr.Panda! So you better say you love them unless you want to end up like this:

LOL! I really can't stop myself from laughing out loud when I watch these commercials! I love creative commercials! I'm sorry if you think this video is too violent for this cute blogshop! ;P MR. Panda says sorry! Okay apology accepted. Let's move on! Haha..

Panda is like my no.1 favourite animal in the world! So besides going to Japan, it is my dream to visit Chengdu too because they have a panda sanctuary there! I have posted cute pictures of Chengdu panda in my facebook timeline and also some other cute panda related post like, a cute kid in a panda costume! Check out my facebook page here: TheStickerFetish and please support by liking my facebook! If you have already liked my facebook, here's a panda hug for you! *panda squeeze* feel the <3 yet? No? Here it comes again! *panda squeeze* Haha..

I think I'll go crazy over all these new stocks for May. I'm off to take a break before I go crazy and cause all hell to break loose! Hope you love these selections too!



  1. These stickers are super cute !!! I was a obsess with stickers too when I was younger. I had a big box full of stickers.
    Good luck with your blog shop :)

  2.  a big box full of stickers is alot! gosh! you are going to make lotsa kid envious of your collection!

    thx for the wish ^^

  3. Haha I love that panda ad as well. Unique humour =) Dark Shadows movie review

  4. Really funny although it seems rude right? Love the panda!



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