Postage for The Cikgu Suet Fund

Dear all,

I am glad that the Pos Malaysia made a call me and informed me that the parcel meant for The Cikgu Suet Fund has been safely delivered to the school on 2nd of May 2012.

Postage for The Cikgu Suet Fund

Usually, a parcel from around Klang Valley to Negeri Sembilan would just take less than a week I believe. The parcel was delivered on 30th of April and I have been tracking the updates on the delivery status but there was no sign of my parcel reaching it's destination.

Pos Malaysia Registered Parcel Delivery Status

As you can see, the latest status is only 'Dispatched at (403000) NATIONAL MAIL PROCESSING HUB' which worries me =/

I called up to the PosLine of 1300 300 300 and lodge a report. The call operator asked me if I have asked the recipient if she has received her parcel.  I guess it make sense to call the recipient to check with her if she has received it but I do not have her number. I left a message on Suet's The Cikgu Suet Fund Fb Page but there was no reply :(

The Cikgu Suet Fund

My only resource is to just wait for news from the Pos Malaysia and I am really glad they called back! :)

Although I just got the news from them yesterday, it is good enough to know that the parcel has reach the school!

Gosh, I am so glad I registered the parcel and get to check whether it has reach the school because I definitely want the kids to have them! It is  definitely heart wrenching if my parcel did not reach the school!

I hereby thank the Pos Malaysia call centre operator for her service!

Thank you very much!



  1. So, no all Malaysian services suck after all haha Heineken Legendary Night Malaysia

  2.  To be honest, I'm really quite happy with Pos Malaysia ^^



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