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Has it ever came across your mind that there are people who use stickers to create art? Those who have came across my earlier post; Sticker Room? would have seen how an artist decorated a room with colourful round stickers. That is definitely one impressive colourful masterpiece you have to see if you have not. Just click the link above! :)

So that is what sticker art is all about, you would have thought. No, it does not stop just there. 

Actually, the word Sticker Art is a form of street art. Sounds like no ordinary art, right? I can't agree less when I heard the other names it has. Sticker art is also known as Sticker Bombing, Sticker Slapping, Slap Tagging and Sticker Tagging just to name a few! 

Sticker Art is actually one of the many type of Street Art and is even subcategorized under Graffiti.So what is this serious business about Sticker Art? What is the big deal about Sticker Art? You will never have guessed that sticker is being used as one of the tool to spread message across the society. How? you might ask. Basic enough, just by slapping on image or alphabets on stickers almost everywhere!

Here is an example of Sticker Art. Some one you might be shock when you see the above picture after all the things that I have said above. To you, or many other people, they just look like a messed up piece of sticker slapping on a flat surface. 

However, if you take a closer look, they bring all sort of messages from promoting personal messages, feeling, belief to current social issues and even political issues!


Take a look at the picture above for example. Can you spot the peace sign and the word love in the picture? Among all the cute ultraman, felix the cat, the message is just right there if you browse through it carefully. :)

Sometimes it might sound rude like the one above which has a sentence saying Unfxck The World but it did bring the message across did it not? I am not sure if it is a one person work or a collaboration as I can see that there are actually black and white graphic stickers on angers swarming in from the top left.

Why sticker? you might ask. Few solid reason I can think of are; it is easy to produce, cheap for mass production, fuss free to disperse it around. 

How easy? First of all, you can design the sticker as you like. That's easy right? You can draw straight on to a clean piece of sticker or even do it on the computer and print it on a clean piece of sticker! As easy as that. Do you as you like with drawings or simply just words if you think your drawings are not good enough.

Blank sticker paper can easily be bought at stationary shops. In Malaysia, you can get a piece for about RM 0.60 (a4 size). If you do not mind to start with a sticker that is not totally blank, you can even get it for free! In the United States, many people make use of label stickers such as My Name Is stickers or Label 228 stickers from the United States Postal Service which are actually meant for labeling packages.

The Label 228 stickers widely used for sticker art with the reason being huge empty space for creativity drawing. They can be easily acquired in large quantity, and the type of surface allows many artistic medium to be used such as marker pen, spray, pencil, or even printing!

One of the most important feature of spreading a message around is that it is easy to be spread around! So how do these sticker message get spread around by one sticker artist? Usually, they would create their sticker by using the computer or scanned their piece of traditionally create art up into their computer. Once they have a picture of their message, all they need to do is just send around the internet! Other people will then print it, slap the sticker with message across their neighborhood and walla, the message is successfully spread across a huge area!

Telephone booths are usually one of the top target for sticker artist to spread the message due to the frequent number of unique visitors. Other places include public park, public toilets and etc..

There are many types of stickers used for sticker art. As mentioned above, we have self adhesive a4 sticker papers available nationwide and the U.S Label 228. The adhesive vinyl are widely used by serious and well-known artist.The type of adhesive vinyl usually used are able to aggressively mount to the surface, waterproof and fade resistant. Destructable adhesive vinyl are also widely used as they are almost impossible to remove. Any effort to try to remove the sticker will cause damage to the surface. Hence, they are there to stay.

Sticker Art has got so popular that there are people who actually collect them and trade them around! They walk around areas popular with sticker slapping and slowly remove them to be added to their collection. Sticker Art collection is no joke and this is proven when even the Hatch Sticker Museum in Berlin has become one of the biggest collector! That is definitely one place to watch out for during visits to Berlin!

Here is a Graffiti Sticker Installation for Ace Hotel @ 20 West 29th Street in New York by Bronx artist, Michael Anderson in 2009. I love hotels like this because they portray so much fun energy! <3

Here is another Sticker Wall Art that I <3! Although just words, I think they look mesmerizing with the calligraphy fonts! This is found in Japan I assume.

I bet all of you didn't know stickers could be this interesting!

Keep tuning in for more sticky stories!

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  1. It is fantastic to visit a site like this full of good ideas.

  2.  Hi Clare Turbay! Glad you like it :)

  3. I love the Unfuck The World. The message is bold and easy to be seen, teasing people to look closer at it, while able to send the general message to lazy people who doesn't want to spend their time analysing all the stickers. :D

  4.  Yes! Although it is a tad bit rude but it's a strong and firm message! Do good with stickers ;D

  5. Wow, looks very neat and messy at the same time HAHAHA MEN in BLACK 3 - movie review



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