Art 2: Charity with a Touch of Creativity

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have any of you been to Publika? If you have not, it is my pleasure to recommend this place to all of you! It is an absolutely amazing place to hangout in this buzzing city of ours! It is a place where  much relaxation and enjoyment can be found!  It is also one of the most epic place for creativity unleashment! 

I love the fact that this place promotes and supports creativity like no other places! During my visit there about less than 2 weeks ago, I found this amazing shop which I have not payed much attention to before. 

Art 2: Charity with a Touch of Creativity

Thanks to a friend who took the step to walk into the shop, I finally get to know more about this charity shop called Art 2! I would describe this shop with this sentence: 'charity with a touch of creativity'. If I am not mistaken, this shop was founded by co-owner Catherine Lai whom I have met and talked to in the shop. She is a interior designer who has charity @ heart!

According to Catherine, this shop is set up to assist charity centres to market and also sell their handmade products! All money generated from these sales goes back to individual centres as they all have some corners in the shop displaying their own handmade products! Besides that, they also sell some independent products to support the running cost.

Art 2: Charity with a Touch of Creativity

Back then, when I was outside peeking in through the window, I thought; interesting stuffs in there but surely all their items must be priced above average like all other creative product stores. Boy, am I wrong! Their products are all priced reasonably and sometimes, cheaper than what I find from outside too! I would not hesitate much to purchase anything there which catches my eyes at all!

Most of the handmade prodcuts are of good quality and would make great door gifts for all sort of functions! They also sell cookies which are grabbed up quickly by repeating customers because they just cannot get enough of those yummilicious cookies! If you do not trust me, drop by and grab one for yourself! ;D

Art 2: Charity with a Touch of Creativity

Catherine seems to be very busy all the time and she did mention that she actually still needs more volunteer to help out in the store although the shop has 2 full time employees. So, if there is anyone who wants to help out the charity and want to be involved in creative stuff at the same time, do drop by Art 2 and give a lending hand to Catherine! ;) I am sure you will enjoy yourself there and might even beg to be back again!

Just right beside the creative store is an Art Jamming corner! How cool is that! They are open everyday! Be it that you are feeling angry, sad, happy, or any emotion, drop by and create a piece with free acrylics! Unleash your creativity and you will actually be suprised at what you are capable of producing!

They even offer short classes for all types of handcrafts and paintings every weekend and sometimes weekdays too! You can check out their schedule and pop in for any that you are interested in! It would make a good family time too! So, wait no more, bring your family and friends together to have a good time there! It does not cost much and it is definitely worth every penny you will spend on it!

Art 2: Charity with a Touch of Creativity
Here's an example of batik drawing that they teach. You would probably not believe that you are capable of such art until you have done it! The atmosphere created is very relaxing and calming. Just right for creating your own masterpiece!

Art 2: Charity with a Touch of Creativity

They also run activities of these classes for functions and such. Hence, if you need to add in a spark of fun and loads of happiness into your function, do not forget to call them up for some ideas! Your function might just turn out to be the best that you have ever organised!

Should you need to know more about Art 2, just hop to to their blog or their facebook! There are a lot of products for view and also interesting pictures which will get your interested! Should you need to contact Catherine, her cell no. 012-2318910 or e.mail @

The best thing is to physically drop by and check out their store @ Art 2: G2 Lot 54, Art Row, Publika, Solaris Dutamas. They are open everyday! 10am to 7pm!

There are more than what I have just mentioned, hence, it is much to check out the place physically! Do not be shy to go in to the store because they don't bite and are super friendly! So, hurry check them out and I am sure you will find something interesting there!

P/S: I have bought some stamps there and they will be given out soon! So keep watching our blog and facebook for the giveaway notice/post!



  1. Thank you for the posting on ART @. Your posting itself is a charitable contribution. look forward to seeing you soon at ART 2

  2. Sure ^^ it's my pleasure to share such a wonderful place ^^

  3. Fantastic Post ! :) It is a great pleasure to see such amazing visuals. I am following. I hope you can check out my site: and FOLLOW. Ugh! I am going to look through it again. Hope to hear from you soon. God Bless! 0:)



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