015: Macey's Printed Fabric Tapes!

Dear all,

I might have just found the pretty thing we could all use to decorate the plain Jane items to make them fabulously pretty & chic! Who could say no to these amazing printed fabric tapes when we talk about chic decorations! These pretty tapes are so multi purpose that we can use them to tag our own stationaries so that no one at school would mistakenly take them, we could use them to tag little notes or pictures on our empty wall, we could wrap them around candles, and etc! There's just so much we could do!

My friends are totally going to bug me till I tell them where I got Macey's Printed Fabric Tapes! My ideas keep coming and they just won't stop! I think I will stop here for now and stick them on my photo frame! That would look so gorgeous! <3

Macey's Printed Fabric Tapes 

 Item Code: HSFB-0001 (checkers/polka dots/florals)
Material: Fabric
Size: 1.5 cm x 500 cm
Price: RM 6.00/ roll

Checkers (no stock: no.3 & no.8)

Polka Dots (no stock: no.3, no.6 & no. 10)

Florals (no stock: no.15)

Macey's Printed Fabric Tapes

Macey's Printed Fabric Tapes

Macey's Printed Fabric Tapes

Macey's Printed Fabric Tapes

Happy shopping!

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  1. Hello! Oh wow! Can I order from here? And is there discount ?

  2.  Hi Estee!
    It would be better if you could drop me an e-mail ^^

    please send an e-mail to ef.ae@hotmail.com with the Subject: Purchase Order with the details below:

    Name :

    Contact Number :

    Address :

    Interested Item:

    Item Code :

    Item Name :


    and I will revert/reply your e-mail with the confirmation and postage charges as soon as possible!

    Thank you! ^^

  3. be work : uv (unique visitor) & page view by visitor..:)

    u can ask nuffnang if u still dindt understand bout be..:)

  4.  Thanks for the info Nor_nadiah ^^



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