026: Stella's Special Taste Sticker

Dear all,

as a Malaysian, I always feel that we have been blessed with the variety of food we can get in our country! I have seen alot of japanese food stickers around but why not our yummy Malaysian foods! Oh well, I guess I would have to wait for that and settle for these fast food yummies for the time being!

Here's to Stella's Special Taste Sticker! I shall stick these yummy food sticker on my diary and also my phone to remind me; It's Time to Eat! I think you all should too because skipping meals is always the most unhealthy decision for our body!

Item Code: UFPV-0013 (Sky Blue Donuts/Peach Fast Food/Brown Sweets)
Size: 18.5 cm * 9.5 cm
Price: RM 8/Piece | RM 21/Set

026: Stella's Special Taste Sticker

026: Stella's Special Taste Sticker

Happy shopping!



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